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Monday, Sept. 29th, 2014

September 29th, 2014

edsons 002This weekend we have been blessed to have Dick and Berta Edson visiting us from Maine.  Most of our time has been spent just enjoying the reunion of old friends.  Cows have been milked, calves fed, hogs, chickens, and rabbits fed but not a lot else in the way of farm projects.   Madison Kraft has decided to stay on as a wwoofer.

We also welcomed Bob and Hope Carter back for a few days.  They are staying with Diane because our rooms are committed.  Sunday evening we had a family dinner with the David Greens, Tim Greens, Amy and Emily, Dick and Berta, Bob and Hope, and Diane.  Mykah, Jaryn, Eli, and Elayna provided a lively background for our generational interaction.

This evening we celebrated Dillan Fletcher’s birthday goodnesswith many of the same group.   At least we have enough food.

That’s it for Woodcreat Farm this Weekend.

That’s about it – nothing mu

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