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Thursday, Sept. 18th, 2014

September 18th, 2014

Today started with MILKING! surprise, surprise.  Its been Beth, Chris, and I for awhile now, and looks like its going to stay that way.   The rest of the day I spent working on wedding preparation – barn cleanup, pasture cleanup, new gates hung, and everything getting dusted, swept.  Beth is soldering away on CSA’s and gardens.

We had one near tragedy.  Jaryn was climbing the rope down from the loft and fell and knocked her “big tooth”  out.  Despite being shocked and roughed up, she was pretty calm given the circumstances.  David came and got her to the dentist and they re-inserted  the tooth into the socket with reasonable hope for it to reattach.  That would be wonderful.

Nothing much else to report.  That’s the day here at Woodcrest.


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