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Friday, Sept. 21, 2012

September 21st, 2012

Our new calf, Red Penny, is doing fine and Genna is getting used to being in the milking parlor again. It hasn’t made milking any easier, because she seems to have some scabbiness on her teats which requires extreme care and cleanliness lest it is something communicable. I am wearing rubber gloves when I milk her just to guard against infecting the other cows. Or goats, for that matter.
When we finally finished milking, Chris and Miriam left for the mountains with Jenny Bryant. Apparently they had a good trip and stopped at the Appalachian Folk center off the Blue Ridge parkway.

Folk Art Center

Tonight they are staying in Hendersonville, and I think they are having a good time.
As for me, I spent several hours at Breeze digging sweet potatoes for the Mickens, mowing for the Kahns, and getting supplies from Hurdle Mills. Daren was at the DMV trying to get his motor cycle license and succeeded, at least in part. He is legal, finally, with a permit. He still has to pass a road test next week, but this is a big milestone. After evening milking I had dinner with the David Green’s in honor of Mykah’s 8th birthday coming up on Sunday. Bandido’s makes a fuss and gives the birthday celebrant fried ice cream, which Mykah really enjoyed. That’s the news for today!

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