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Friday, Sept. 12th, 2014

September 12th, 2014

We hauled ourselves out of bed for our date with the girls (Heidi, Tyra, Fiona, Sunshine, Bonnie, Starshine, and Penny)  and to find out if the freezer was still holding its own.  Thank God, it was – is – so maybe we have it fixed at last.  Milking occupied my morning, then the all-important chore of paying 3d quarter estimated income taxes, followed by getting ready for Pioneers class.

I wish I had a picture of the high-point of today’s hike.  We went to West Point on the Eno in Durham and hiked around Sennet Hole – which required us to cross the Eno on rocks and GET WET!  It was a little daunting for some of the moms, but the kids had a blast.   On the way home I replenished our supply of iodine udder wash and that’s pretty much it for my day.

Chris is working at excavating her sewing room with a goal of being able to actually walk into it.  Beth was working on tomorrow’s CSA deliveries, and very importantly, dinner.

Busy day tomorrow, so that’s it for today at Woodcrest Farm


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