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Friday, Sept. 5th, 2014

September 5th, 2014

It was a HOT day on the farm.  Beth, Jen, and Sinaca were on the milking schedule this morning because Christopher and Dillan both went in to their Bojangle’s jobs early.   Beth and Jen spent a lot of time in the garden getting ready for the 1st of the Fall CSA weeks.  I  worked on the wood splitter this morning and got it running again with a temporary workaround, but it needs a new part which will hopefully be in on Tuesday.  But the list of equipment to fix is growing – the water up at East is not working (no diagnosis yet) and our big freezer is having trouble keeping the temperature down.  This is especially disappointing since I have paid to have both of serviced professionally.

The NCDA inspector showed up promptly at 10:30 to inspect our kitchen area for a permit to sell meat.  I believe we passed with flying colors –  our only “correction” is to segregate our inspected meat for sale from personal items in our freezer.  We can do that easily enough.

We had a good Pioneers class with lots of little hikers and parents on the farm following the red and blue trails.  Sinaca took time out from splitting wood to help me do some trail clearing on the blue trail.  It is a good thing we did because the trail was pretty overgrown.  The kids had fun, although they were pretty nervous about going through the pastures with our giant cows standing around watching them.  Its a pretty scary walk:  miles of trackless wilderness,  electric fences (turned off at the moment, but scary) to climb over or crawl under,  a minefield of cow patties, the giant cows (some with formidable horns), mud, gates, wild attack chickens, and no cell phone reception.   There was an unexpected bonus for the farm: over $500 of pork sales.  We can use the revenue and the freezer space.

We made a little dent in the sausage ourselves tonight.  It was tasty.  We’re still waiting to hear how Christopher did on his state exams.  That’s today at Woodcrest!

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