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Saturday, August 30th, 2014

August 30th, 2014

This morning Chris and I decided to  a bit lazy because the milking was covered but at 7:50 we got a phone call in the bedroom from a young couple who had come to help out and found a new calf in the pasture, escaped bunnies all over the place, and no milkers in the kitchen.  All true.  Up and at ’em – we found Bonnie with her newborn little heifer in the pasture, carried the calf into the barn, milked Bonnie, corralled the escaped rabbits, got Chris and Dillan up – all before breakfast.

The rest of the day was more normal.  We had quite a few visitors and customers.  The bees got fed again, and the tomato trellises in the garden got put away.  This afternoon I finally “solved” the lawnmower problem by buying a zero-turn from Tractor Supply.   We’ll hope it was a good decision.

This evening Demian and Skylar cooked us a meal worthy of a high-class restaurant.  We had linguini with clam-sauce, a kale salad with Demian’s signature dressing, garlic bread, and green beans al dente with almonds.  Dessert was gourmet popsicles, and then we watched a great movie.

That’s Woodcrest Farm today, and we are heading for bed.

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