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Thursday, August 28th, 2014

August 28th, 2014

I didn’t finish the blog last night so this will have to cover two days.  Yesterday is sort of a blur, but two events stand out.  Damien, Skylar, and I managed to get another 200 feet of fence posts in at Woodcrest East.  It was more work than our 1st 200 feet with 3 more men on hand, but we got ‘er done!  although it took until almost 7:00pm.   Later in the evening, Bob Carter got out his violin; I got out my guitar and we had a song-fest.  Demian and Skylar got an earful of some bluegrass and camp songs.  Skylar surprised her Dad with the news that she is taking up violin in the fall (maybe Mom knows this?) but she couldn’t have had a better intro than watching Bob effortlessly playing anything that was suggested.

Today farm life began, as usual, with milking, but this morning we also had romance.  Romance, that is, between Ranger and Fiona.  Its too soon, in my opinion for him – or her – to be thinking along those lines: her calf is only a month old.  But, Chris is all for it, so we left them together in the sweet Elysian fields.   I neglected to mention that yesterday at Woodcrest East I discovered that the pressure tank had sprung a leak.  Milking finished, at 10 AM today the plumbing folk responded to my call and arranged to install a new tank.

Most of the rest of the day I spent building the wedding platform with Demian and Skylar.  Here is the finished product, big enough to launch something wonderful on the 20th.

Beth made bacon today.  We are definitely going to be doing more bacon in the next few weeks.  And probably curing hams as well.  And that’s Woodcrest Farm Today!

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