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Friday, August 15th, 2014

August 16th, 2014

This morning began with a trip down to Siler City with 6 goats we no longer need or want – 5 of this year’s kids + Onyx.  Carolina Stockyards will auction them off and send us the proceeds, hopefully enough to justify raising them all these months.  Its not a lucrative  undertaking in any sense, but lets say we gross $350.00   What has it cost us in time + goat feed to raise them?   Probably as much or more, but then we would not have enriched the lives of countless little girls.

For Beth, Amanda, and Shea the rest of the day was primarily devoted to harvesting and canning.  I seem to recall some discussion of seeds, but the main evidence of activity was tomatoes cooking, jars boiling, and lids popping as they sealed.  We also sold a lot of beef and some pork, pretty much wiping out our inventory.

As for me – I made progress trouble-shooting on our wood stove circulating pump and started on the barn stall lights which Ryan and I were working on before he left.  I thought I had it licked when I found a broken connection in the line, but there is still something mis-wired, I’m embarrassed to say.

It should be obvious that I am a poor substitute for Julia, but will keep soldering on as best I can.

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