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Thursday, August 14th, 2014

August 14th, 2014

I’m already playing catch-up on the blog, so this post will include farm news for both yesterday and today.  Yesterday is pretty simple – I know very little of what anybody did other than myself, and the majority of my time was spent bringing home Rose/Fudge from the vet hospital.   As I look back over the last few posts, I realize that Fudge has been mentioned, but I need to tell the rest of the story.  Dial back to Sunday, Aug. 10, 4:30pm.   Rose/Fudge is an adorable little female border collie from Amber and Tucker’s last litter who was sold in June to a wonderful family and who was visiting us for a week while they are on vacation.  Perhaps she forgot the farm rule (which she used to know) of not approaching the road, but the sad result was that she was hit by a passing car.  We located an Emergency Vet service and off I went to see how bad the injury was.  Bottom line, it was bad – broken pelvis and dislocated hip, and she would need to be referred to a veterinary surgeon.  I left her overnight while we pursued a referral.  Monday morning I carried her to Triangle Vet Hospital, Tuesday she had the surgery, and yesterday I brought her home, which consumed most of my day.  Fudge will have to be immobilized for about two weeks while the pelvic fracture heals,  after which we can begin physical therapy.

OK, now for Thursday.  My day, and Noah’s, began with cows – muddy cows with filthy udders, 6 of them + Penny.  We all know that dairy farmers are an endangered cohort, and there are numerous reasons to throw in the towel, but I will bet that most of the decisions to do so are made on days when the whole farm is a mud-bath and the towel is muddy.   There’s no polite way to talk about this.  Maybe the big dairies have some sort of bidet device that washes the cows before they are milked, but at Woodcrest its a manual process, very manual.  Concurrent with milking all the other animals got fed and watered, and then we sized up the day.   Beth was harvesting for the last of the summer CSA deliveries; Dillan and Chris  split firewood and then joined Joe in cleaning the barn.  Shea built shelves, helped Beth, and cooked dinner along with taking care of rabbits, pigeons, and so forth.  I fiddled around with various things, and finally emerged from the office to work on our Wood stove circulator pump.   Tomorrow we are hoping to rid ourselves of all the little male goats – yeah!

Joe told us today that he is going to be leaving us at the end of August to look for a higher-paying job.  This is sad news – he has been a real asset and valued member of the team all summer.  It will put a big dent in our workforce when he goes.

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