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August 6, 2014

August 6th, 2014

I went down to feed the guineas this morning with baited breath, and was relieved to see every member of the little flock upright and breathing fine. I spent the next couple hours weeding an empty garden row before it gets replanted while Megan and Joe milked and Shea took care of the bunnies. Later in the afternoon, Joe and Megan worked on sanding and repainting a couple of antique chairs that had been sitting in the barn loft. Noah and Shea continued the massive barn clean-up/organize project while Beth worked at East. I pulverized tomatoes for sauce and Grandma and Grandpa worked on the less glamorous administrative side of farming operations. Shea used up some of our overabundant egg supply to make a delicious frittata for dinner which I thoroughly enjoyed.

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