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Monday, August 4 2014

August 4th, 2014

My alarm went off at 7:05 this morning, but I gave myself the gift of an extra 15 minutes of sleep before thumping down the stairs and out into the barn. Now that Shea has taken over the rabbits, my chores went much more quickly. We had our first staff meeting of the month and projects piled up so everyone should have something to keep them busy this week. I headed back outside to move the guinea keets into a bigger pen so that Megan’s chicks can move into the cage in the kennel when they get a little bigger. We also found one our chickens and five chicks in the neighbor’s yard a few days ago so they had to be corralled and wrangled into the kennel cage as well. I thought the job would be simple enough, I mean, I definitely have the height advantage, but I underestimated their tiny brains. The chicks were extremely feisty, and I had to practically get down on my stomach to grab them from the corner where they were hiding and thrust them into a carrying box. While they flapped around and I started sweating, the mama tried to peck me HARD through the wire around their cage. And the guineas weren’t any easier. One got out and we played a little game of hide and seek/tag before I got a grip on it. One poor little bird was sick and is on his last leg. But finally, I managed to get everyone into the right cage, even though I looked like I lost a fight with Godzilla afterward.

Joe bravely mucked out the stalls and spread shavings over the muddy manure spot right outside the milking parlor so our ladies have a dry place to stand while they wait. Later in the afternoon, he, Shea, and Megan built a new step for the milking parlor. This means that we no longer have to worry about falling flat on our faces and spilling all the milk every time we walk out of there. Beth harvested and prepared for the next planting. Our summer CSA just finished but our fall CSA begins in three short weeks, meaning old plants need to be yanked and the greens we started from seed can be planted.

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