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Saturday, August 2 2014

August 2nd, 2014

In case you were wondering, I did not get mauled by a cow, eaten by a goat, or pecked by a chicken. My communication came to a standstill because I have been sitting in a chair by the beach for the past week (mostly) isolated from the online world. Grandma, Grandpa and I headed to Assateague Island last Friday for a Green family reunion of sorts and we thoroughly enjoyed our time crabbing in the marsh, devouring the crabs, reading by the ocean, eating ice cream in Ocean City, and singing around the campfire. It’s hard to jump back into the reality of needy animals but chores rev back up tomorrow morning bright and early. Sigh. But thanks to all the capable farm hands we left behind, the farm is still running smoothly and three of Megan’s chicks hatched with more to come tomorrow.

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