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Wednesday Wrecks

February 4th, 2009

The farm news is pretty sparse today – most of the day was spent indoors with endless administrative work and taking care of vehicles.  We got underway very early – no coffee today!  Dewey had left his Saturn at the McDonald’s in Hillsborough with unknown problems yesterday.  This meant that he needed transportation to Durham by 8:00AM; coincidentally Chris’ Aveo was due at the body shop for its post-collision makeover.  Once Dewey was safely delivered to school we stopped for a diagnostic visit at McDonald’s and I quickly realized that whatever problem the Saturn was having – again – it wasn’t moving.  I scheduled a return visit for this evening and we went home.

Katherine and her children were here and we drafted them to “help socialize” the new puppy – a tough job, but somebody has to do it.  They reported that the missing lamb turned up, dead, of course, but it was near the goat equipment stacked on the south end of the barn.  My theory is that the lamb might have gotten in there, got stuck, died, and was dragged out by some predator last night.  Not good on several fronts.  We need to get Rose in there.

When farmers are grandparents they have to attend IEP sessions for their live-in grandchildren, which we did in the late afternoon, then workout, then church supper, then into the towing business.  We hooked up the flatbed, loaded ramps, jacks, and the come-along and went to rescue the Saturn at McDonald’s.  With two teens pushing and me steering we got the car loaded, strapped down, and home, thank God.  On the way home I was thinking that in addition to being vets, horticulturists, butchers, mechanics, blacksmiths, apiarists, masons, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, managers, and accountants, farmers also have to be riggers and truckers.

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