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Monday, July 21 2014

July 21st, 2014

Our biggest concern this weekend was Heidi’s calf. Even though she looked like she might pop, no baby came. But when Grandpa went out to milk this morning, he found Heidi guarding a tiny black bull calf in the pasture next to the barn. But our sigh of relief only lasted for a moment, since we had to somehow get Heidi into the milking parlor to capture the colostrum. Grandpa scooped up the calf (Beth named him Chewbacca, Chewy for short) and she followed right behind him without any protest. Thank goodness. Once the calf was safely in his pen in the barn, Megan tried to bottle-feed him but he was finicky and didn’t take it right away. A few more tries and he’ll hopefully get it.

Noah got the first slice of Shea’s caramel apple pie

Megan worked hard at East today, ripping out squash bugs and harvesting with Beth before trellising tomatoes and pulling off all the rotten ones. She even sacrificed her body for the greater farming good, scraping her leg on a hidden trellis wire. The lengths we go to due our duties well…I may have built more muscle since I’ve been here, but my arms and legs are also marred from bug bites, scratches from the rabbit cages, and dirt perpetually implanted in my knees.

Grandpa continued working on the new lighting in the lower half of the barn as well as the leak under the sink. Shea and I pulled squash bugs in the main garden and then we went inside to do a little baking. Shea made the most beautiful apple pie I’ve ever seen as a thank-you present to Noah, who drove her to the airport on Friday at five in the morning. I was definitely too excited to eat it, and I scarfed down my piece faster than the baby goats chew my shorts (quite an accomplishment).

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