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Thursday, July 17 2014

July 17th, 2014

Beginnings and endings are so closely intertwined on a farm that you are continually moving from joy to sorrow, expectation to fulfillment, living to dying. This morning Ryan, Grandpa and I drove five minutes down the road to pick up our two bee nucs. They were brightly painted blue and orange boxes that didn’t appear to be anything special. But once we got them back to the farm and took off the lids, hundreds of little treasures flew out into the garden. We made up some sugar water for them to eat and hopefully they’ll settle in without too much trouble.

The garden is pretty much under control, but Megan still had to harvest the tomatoes, squash, and cucumbers. Even I’m starting to get tired of the endless abundance of yellow squash. You can only grill it, roast it, and stew it so many times before your taste buds can’t take any more. I think more zucchini bread might be in order.

Heidi is going to calve at any moment, and as our most rambunctious Jersey, separating her from her baby could be a challenge. Once the calf is born, we put it in the barn since we’ll be milking Heidi in the parlor. Megan will take it into the fold along with Midnight and Brambleberry so it will have friends right off the bat. Over the last couple days we’ve gotten calls from several people interested in buying milk from us, meaning that the extra milk will be welcome.

The bittersweet part of the day came when we all headed to Bandidos Mexican Restaurant in Hillsborough for Ryan’s last supper. He’s leaving early tomorrow for a three-day return trip to Wisconsin. We celebrated with good food, an appropriate way to end your stay at Woodcrest, including homemade strawberry honey ice cream. Not a bad way to say goodbye.

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