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Thursday, July 10 2014

July 10th, 2014

The Woodcrest men had a very productive day. They spent a good chunk of it in the forge since Grandpa gave Joe and Ryan a blacksmithing lesson which yielded one retaining hook for the water hydrants the cows keep turning on (Colin), one sphynx-toed finial ladder hook (Ryan) and one gardener’s cupholder (Joe). Plus Grandpa fixed the clam rakes for the upcoming trip to Assateague. Meanwhile, Megan and I finished up school with the girls after Grandma left to teach. Our lesson consisted of baking oatmeal raisin cookies and dancing wildly around the kitchen while listening to the Frozen soundtrack. Needless to say, everyone was in a good mood, especially since we got a solid soaking today after weeks without rain. I was so happy I raced outside in my rain boots and jumped in the first good puddle I found.

Later in the afternoon, Joe cleaned out the old pigeon pens to make way for the baby chicks while Ryan built a new storage shelf above the kennels. Grandma brought a few new friends home with her from work: approximately a dozen guinea hen chicks. When they grow up, they’ll gladly eat every tick in sight and we’ll gladly endure their weird screeching noises in return for the free bug removal. Colin and Amber treated us to an incredible Chicken Tikka Masala dinner after which we sang old folk and church songs. With the rain falling outside, it made for a picture-perfect evening.

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