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Wednesday, July 9 2014

July 9th, 2014

Although the sky was grey for most of the day, the clouds taunted us and only spilled a few drops of water late this afternoon, meaning Megan and I were back to hand watering this morning. My fingers were striped red from the bucket handle, but I didn’t trip. Ryan finished the storage area for the bees and Noah, Megan, and I helped him scrape off the hive boxes and frames.  They were covered with dead hive beetles and drips of honey that had hardened. Many of the frames still had old beeswax on them, and they smelled good enough to lick like a honey stick.  We now have a clear path between the kitchen and the milking parlor with neatly stacked bee equipment that no one will stumble over. Grandpa also tweaked some of the plumbing in the barn bathroom, and built a bed frame for the new WWOOFhouse in addition to rescuing a goat who managed to get her head stuck in the chicken feeding area (for the second time in two days).

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