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Tuesday, November 10th, 2015

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It’s been a tough day so far first it’s raining again first its raining again second the cow is in the pasture knocked over the beehive and the beehive was honest on that side lying in the grass thirdly cows seem to be eating a lot probably because they were hungry for that was Julius first a flying solo on the milk in the kitchen but we managed to get through all of it get all the cow’s milk and the Beehive sit back up on its stand and now it’s time for breakfast  Goats all offline now.

I spent the afternoon blacksmithing for the craft fair until Dr. Reading showed up to look at our cast steer and preg check Starshine.  The news on the steer was bad – some sort of spinal injury, with a poor prognosis for recovery.  If he doesn’t recover we will have to put him down and either butcher him or dispose of him.  Its a question of how long we wait, and we probably don’t have that long.

Michelle has to leave tomorrow.  We will miss her.

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