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Monday, Sept. 14th, 2015

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Africa! Africa! Africa! Africa!  This will be my last post from the farm for awhile.  For the next 3 week+, Chris and I will be in Kenya and Uganda as animal care missionaries, and then to Tanzania to see some of God’s wonders in mankind’s first home.  In the meantime, the farm will be under the care of Beth, Darci, Stephen, and Casey.   I may or may not have internet access so as to keep the blog updated, but obviously, I won’t be on hand to know much of the daily goings on.  I may use this space to journal our African experience – after all, it is an outgrowth of our life here caring for animals and the people we love.

Since my last post Heidi finally had her calf, so all of our cows are back on line.   We carried all the hogs up to Piedmont Custom Meats last Wednesday and will get them back in delicious pork cuts this coming week.  We made some progress with the pastures at East.  Today Stephen and I finished up what we hope will be the last critical repairs to our ancient seeder, which he will use this week to seed in fescue, clover, and oats for next spring.  Getting a pasture established takes a commitment, work, and money.   We have had several tours as a result of Casey’s marketing effort, and hope to see more happening.  Beth has started her Fall CSA’s and the veggies are looking delicious.  Everything is in good shape except for our poultry – the hens are being lazy about egg production. We could sell twice as many eggs as we have.

Chris and are nervous about going off and leaving the farm, to say the least, especially since our trip is sort of a do-it-yourself effort we put together with the help of friends.  We have good reason to worry about all the things we DON’T know about the countries we are visiting, but are trusting that this journey is God’s adventure for us in this season of our life.  We celebrated our 5oth wedding anniversary on Sept. 4th, and it has been quite a life together.  So, with God’s blessing, tomorrow we will be off, returning on Oct. 9th.  For today, I will Say Africa!


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