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Wednesday, Feb. 11th, 2015

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OK, I’m back in the saddle again after spending the last 5 days in the city by the bay.  Tim and Jaimie had double trouble with both sets of grandparents in town for the twins’ 6th birthday, but other than losing their bedroom, their free time, and a lot of sleep I think it went well for us all.  Chris and I were only emotionally overwhelmed a few times (seeing the kids, church, Muir Woods, Lawrence Center), Pete and Patti were sick, but the kids were priceless.  Jet lag still is still a problem but we have had a productive day.

My day began at 7:00 with my rehab appointment, but getting it over with early helps with the day’s chores – which today included getting the tractor running (with Eliza’s help!), and our biggest job, getting the hogs loaded into the trailer for their appointment with destiny.  They were – reluctant.  Very reluctant.  But Eliza, Madison, and I finally prevailed, and off they went to PCM, where I picked up beef from my last sad trip up there.

Other than the tractor losing a linkage spring on one of its trips to East, the rest of the weekend was pretty uneventful for the folks at home.  So, I’ll sign off with the best intentions of keeping this blog current.


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