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Thursday, Jan. 15th 2015

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It was a busy day around Woodcrest Farm.  Milking was pretty uneventful except for muddy cows.   After getting all the chores done, I  undertook a sad duty – taking one of our cows to the processor.  She is a young heifer who miscarried her calf and is still open, which means that she will freshen in about December at the earliest if she does get bred this month and there is no guarantee of that.   So, economics say that we need to cull her rather than one of the proven cows, but she was a sweet cow, very tame, and I will miss her.  The perils of being a sentimental farmer.

Unfortunately, the trip back from the processor was NOT uneventful.  I  shredded a tire on the trailer and had to pull over and change out the tire for the spare, a non-trivial job.  Once that was done I stopped at Arrowhead BP to replace the spare.  The tires I need had to be ordered so the trailer is still there.

Tonight Eliza, Madison, Christopher and Dillan are at the beach someplace on The Great Fishing Expedition.   The idea is for them to go to the beach, fish all night and tomorrow, and return with several coolers full of enough fish to offset the cost of the expedition.   Do I think they will pull it off?  To quote Miracle Max, “It would take a miracle” but  if 4 young people want to spend the next 20 hours fishing for flounder, chum, and sea trout, I figure its worth a try.   We’ll see.  The only downside is that I will be pretty busy with chores tomorrow, but c’est la vie.  And that’s the day at Woodcrest.

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Tuesday, January 13th, 2015

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I’m trying to  continue catching up on the last two weeks.  It has continued to be cold and rainy, not a great time to be a farmer.   We have been working a lot on the poultry.  We put about 30 meat birds in the freezer for sale, and are trying to get the egg production up.  Last Thursday was “Vet Day” – that’s veterinary, not veterans – when Dr. Reading paid us and our dairy cows a visit.   The major tasks were to find out who is pregnant and who is not, and to treat Tyra’s overgrown hoof.  We had good news and bad news – quite a few of the herd are bred, but Penny evidently miscarried the calf she was supposed to have been carrying.   We are probably going to cull her in the next week.

Eliza is getting into the swing of things and she and Madison make a great team.   We are looking forward to some drier weather so we can make some much-needed repairs to the hog pen and get back to work at East.

Sadly, Dr. Reading’s last task was to help me send my old dog KC on home ahead of me.   KC went to sleep painlessly and I laid him to rest out in the pasture where he used to herd his livestock.

That’s a really brief fly-over of the past week or so.  More detail tomorrow.

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Sunday, January 3d, 2014

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Its been about a month since my last post, and a lot has happened here at Woodcrest Farm and in our lives.   The problems we were having a month ago are pretty unimportant now.  The freezer settled down and we have had no more problems with it – but the thermostat is still to be replaced.  We have had some personnel changes.  Michael Fraade stayed until shortly before Christmas, then bid us good-bye.   Eliza Marth arrived around Dec. 15th, stayed a week for orientation and left for Christmas week with her family.  Beth took a week before Christmas but got back for Christmas day.

On Friday Dec. 5th  I went into the hospital for a “routine” heart procedure.  2 days later, on Sunday the 7th,  I had a serious heart attack as a result of complications from Friday’s procedure.  It was a close call, but I was still in the hospital at the time so I got immediate expert care.  Unfortunately, my heart was damaged and I have been below par since.  The farm has been kept going by Chris, Madison, Eliza, and Beth, with milking help from Christopher, Dillan, and Noah.

I’m going to catch up on the blog over the next few days /  weeks.  There is lots to write about.


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