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Wednesday, Dec. 3d, 2014

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This morning was my morning to milk but as  I was getting my coffee, Beth came in to say that the freezer was at 50 degrees.  On investigation, the defrost circuit had completed, but evidently the thermostat was stuck open so the cooling cycle didn’t kick in and all that heat stayed in the box for hours.  I cycled the thermostat and the cooling cycle kicked in, but the thermostat has to be replaced.  I bought the replacement last week, so all I needed to do was figure out how to install it.  That’s the problem – I wasn’t sure how to tackle it.  So, first thing to do was to call Pete, who kindly gave me some pointers for the job tomorrow.

I wasn’t able to start the replacement because of Aubrey Ivey’s funeral this afternoon.  Aubrey was an old farmer, born in 1918, fought in WWII, and when the war was over, came back and spent the rest of his life farming over on Teer road.  He was a humble, good man, and our church community will miss him.

At 6:00 Chris and I went to the church dinner, and I went on into Hillsborough to the PARC meeting.   That was my day.

Michael Fraade came home last night so he was back helping out with chores today and doubtless was very much appreciated by Beth and Madison.  Other than that, we had a quiet day – the freezer was our problem du jour.


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Monday, Dec. 1st, 2014

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Today began with milking muddy udder-ed cows.   The problem with muddy cows, besides having to clean them up, the muddy floor, the risk of dirt getting in the milk, and the profligate drain on the paper towel supply – is that it takes so long to just get them clean that they eat all their grain and start dancing around which just exacerbates everything.   Bonnie is the worst – she lurches around like a drunken sailor licking up the last dregs.  I give them hay when their grain is gone, but they aren’t really happy with that.  Oh well, perhaps it will dry up a bit.

Beyond that, for me it was an administrative day – a lot of time spent on the computer and running errands.  Dan and Liza were here overnight so Chris had to do the airport run to get them back to NYC.

The only farm work that got done was livestock chores, and Beth worked in the hoop house, made some bacon, and other sundry items.   We’ll see what tomorrow brings, but that was our day at Woodcrest.

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