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Monday, Sept. 29th, 2014

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edsons 002This weekend we have been blessed to have Dick and Berta Edson visiting us from Maine.  Most of our time has been spent just enjoying the reunion of old friends.  Cows have been milked, calves fed, hogs, chickens, and rabbits fed but not a lot else in the way of farm projects.   Madison Kraft has decided to stay on as a wwoofer.

We also welcomed Bob and Hope Carter back for a few days.  They are staying with Diane because our rooms are committed.  Sunday evening we had a family dinner with the David Greens, Tim Greens, Amy and Emily, Dick and Berta, Bob and Hope, and Diane.  Mykah, Jaryn, Eli, and Elayna provided a lively background for our generational interaction.

This evening we celebrated Dillan Fletcher’s birthday goodnesswith many of the same group.   At least we have enough food.

That’s it for Woodcreat Farm this Weekend.

That’s about it – nothing mu

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Friday, Sept. 26th, 2014

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So here it is Friday already and I’ve missed two days of the blog.  There’s not much to tell – I’m still working on taxes and haven’t done much else besides milk, feed pigs, and do other necessary chores.

Yesterday was home-school day for Chris – grandchildren in the morning and sewing class in the afternoon.

Madison (Maddy) Kraft, a poultry / dairy intern candidatmadison 002e, arrived yesterday too.

Today, Friday, we wrapped up milking, I got busy on accounts, and Chris, Beth, and Maddy worked on their various interests.  This afternoon I took the Pioneers out for our weekly hike (see the pioneers page on the main site if you are interested).

Late tonight Dick and Berta Edson are due to arrive.  It will be good to see them – I’m looking forward to a good weekend.

And that’s Woodcrest Farm today (and yesterday, and the day before that!)


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Tuesday, Sept. 23d, 2014

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Kelly High was here this morning to help with milking, which sped things up considerably.  Once chores were done, Chris and I resumed work on the taxes, and continued most of the afternoon.  Good news – maybe.  At 3:00 Logan  arrived to check out our bee hives, and they both seem to be thriving, although the real test will be overwintering.  They had already eaten a gallon of sugar water apiece since Saturday, so I fed them again.

This evening Chris, Diane, and I attended Mykah’s birthday party at Golden Corral.   And that was it for Woodcrest Farm Today.

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Monday, Sept. 22d, 2014

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Today was a non-farm day (mostly) for Chris and me.  After milking and chores, we spent most of the afternoon working on our 2013 income taxes, due by October 15th, and there is no handy automatic extension like there was on April 15th.  Its do or die at this point.  I did some errands in town late in the afternoon, and finished the cement step outside the milking parlor, but was glued to the computer most of the day.

Beth kept the Woodcrest flag waving by transplanting eggplant, kohlrabi,  broccoli, and a few other fall varieties from green house to hoop house or garden.   Our pigs are eating well, and it looks like they may be growing a little bit.

And that’s all for today on the farm.

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Sunday, Sept. 21st, 2014

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I’ve missed the last two VeraGordon 006days because we have been preoccupied with Vera and Gordon’s wedding.  Friday was busy with last minute preparations and at 4:00 the bridal party arrived for the rehearsal.  The barn was all decorated with pennants made by the bride and grooms’ mothers, and looking as good as it ever has.
VeraGordon 004
Saturday started as usual with milking, but quickly moved on to setting up chairs at the pond, decorating the fences, and welcoming all the friends and relatives who were helping with the festivities. Around 3:00 the guests started to
arrive and we found
VeraGordon 008parking places somehow for everyone.  At 4:00, everyone moved to the pond area to await the bride and groom, who processed to “Love is in the Air”.   The ceremony was  beautiful, and everyone carried their chairs up to the reception.   The yard was se tup with games, eating pavilions, and folks socialized while the bridal party did pictures.  Around 6:00, tVeraGordon 009he wedding feast was served while a country band played.  Around 8:00, the dancing started, and continued until around 11:00 – or later, but Chris and I went to bed.

Today, Sunday, was a quiet day.  We got milking out of the way pretty early, and made it to choir practice almost on time.  This afternoon we finished up  chores, I fixed the Aveo’s tire, poured a new cement step for the milking parlor;  Beth sliced bacon; Chris was organizing in the barn.  It has been a busy time.

That’s Friday, Saturday, and today on the farm!


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Thursday, Sept. 18th, 2014

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Today started with MILKING! surprise, surprise.  Its been Beth, Chris, and I for awhile now, and looks like its going to stay that way.   The rest of the day I spent working on wedding preparation – barn cleanup, pasture cleanup, new gates hung, and everything getting dusted, swept.  Beth is soldering away on CSA’s and gardens.

We had one near tragedy.  Jaryn was climbing the rope down from the loft and fell and knocked her “big tooth”  out.  Despite being shocked and roughed up, she was pretty calm given the circumstances.  David came and got her to the dentist and they re-inserted  the tooth into the socket with reasonable hope for it to reattach.  That would be wonderful.

Nothing much else to report.  That’s the day here at Woodcrest.


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Tuesday, Sept. 16th, 2014

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Up at 8:00 for milking, then off to Cerogordo for 4 new piggies.  Chris had planned to go with me, but stayed home to work on our 2013 taxes, which are looming on the horizon.  So, I made the trip myself – 2 1/2 hours each way.  On the way home I stopped at Agri-Supply and bought a new gate for the pasture, some hog-panels, and goat feed.  The pigs are now (I hope!) safely contained with those hog panels down in our piggery.  [Picture needed].  We have to get busy and sell some pork.

Chris’ day was chores, administrative work, and wedding prep.  Beth was busy keeping our CSA program going.   That was it for today on the farm.

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Monday, Sept. 15th, 2014

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Our milking workforce these days is Beth, Chris, and me in the morning, and Christopher and Dillan in the afternoon.  So, we [morning] milkers hopped to it and got the cows milked, calves fed, IMG_0899kitchen and milk house cleaned up.  I ate breakfast and contacted past cheese class applicants; Beth worked in the greenhouse and at East.  In the afternoon I built a new work table for the barn, mostly because the old one looked so shabby  and the wedding is a good excuse to do something about it.   So, here is the result.

Tomorrow Chris and I are scheduled to go pick up 4 more piggies.  Its a long trip, and having company makes it bearable.  That’s what happened today on the farm.


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Saturday, Sept. 13th, 2014

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Today was a pretty good Saturday – Kelly High was on hand and milking got completed in good order, chores got done, important errands got done, and the barn cleaning is pretty well finished.   I’ll try to add a picture of it while its still clean.


Beth was under the weather today and resting much of the day – so unusual as to warrant a comment.

That’s it for today on the farm.


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Friday, Sept. 12th, 2014

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We hauled ourselves out of bed for our date with the girls (Heidi, Tyra, Fiona, Sunshine, Bonnie, Starshine, and Penny)  and to find out if the freezer was still holding its own.  Thank God, it was – is – so maybe we have it fixed at last.  Milking occupied my morning, then the all-important chore of paying 3d quarter estimated income taxes, followed by getting ready for Pioneers class.

I wish I had a picture of the high-point of today’s hike.  We went to West Point on the Eno in Durham and hiked around Sennet Hole – which required us to cross the Eno on rocks and GET WET!  It was a little daunting for some of the moms, but the kids had a blast.   On the way home I replenished our supply of iodine udder wash and that’s pretty much it for my day.

Chris is working at excavating her sewing room with a goal of being able to actually walk into it.  Beth was working on tomorrow’s CSA deliveries, and very importantly, dinner.

Busy day tomorrow, so that’s it for today at Woodcrest Farm


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