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April 1st, 2014

April 1st, 2014 Comments off

Where to start?  It is now April, with 3 months already gone in 2014.  We are still waiting for the gardens to dry out enough to bed up, and are hoping for a few more dry days to do that.  Of course, we are late in putting plants in the ground – we’ll see if once in they grow like crazy.
Last week’s house concert was a success – quite a few people showed up at the last minute and everyone had a good time. The pictures are on the website. Also, we have puppies for sale, also on the website.
Today we actually got quite a bit done. Power is now on at Woodcrest East, so we can get our water flowing. Dillan spent a few hours raking more of WCE while I made the long trip over to Raleigh to get the parts to fix the PTO arms for our tiller and our seeder. They are both working now, and I used the seeder to spread lime on the WCE garden. Shaun was busy with animal chores; Beth was recovering the damage done by chickens in the hoop house; Rachel kept the baby goats and calf, and rabbits fed.
The major areas we are working on are:

  • Main garden: we still need to pull the beds and get it planted – hope to do this by the end of the week
  • Woodcrest East: we need to pull the beds here too; also, install deer fence, get the water lines in, rake the rest of the north 16 acres, lime, seed, and fence the pasture.
  • Beef cows – we now seem to have a secure corridor up to our barn gate, so hopefully we can load bulls this week to take to Matkins. We’ll see. In any case, next week we will be spreading gravel down the corridor after scraping the mud out
  • WWOOFHaus-II. This needs to get finished for a new intern, whoever that turns out to be
  • Once all the gardens are at least set up, we will be planting potatoes, putting in tomato rows and trellises, and planting corn. All of that has to happen this month
  • Last but not least, we have a house concert the 25th, and the Piedmont farm tour on the 26th and 27th.

So, it will be a busy time. Tomorrow I will include pictures that Rachel has promised to take.

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