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Wednesday, Jan 29th 2014

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It was a busy day here in frigid North Carolina.  We awoke to find the water to the house frozen, thanks to a burned-out bulb in the well-house.   Well, we’ve had that before.  So, I got my trusty heat gun and within a minute had freed the normal trouble spot at the pressure gauge when BAM! the input PVC pipe broke.  I immediately shut off the well circuit and surveyed the damage.  I would have to replace an elbow and some PVC with a coupling.   Having neither in my inventory, I had to set out for Hillsborough, and decided to take the Aveo.  Bad choice – going down the last hill into town I had to brake for a very cautious driver and slid into a deep ditch.  Rats.  Next step was to get a ride home to get the truck, but we couldn’t extract the Aveo with out ripping it apart.  Next step was a wrecker ($120), and then to get home with the needed parts.  The Aveo is a little scratched up and the mirror is broken, but is driveable.

I was able to fix the broken water pipe, wrap it with a heat tape (that won’t burn out), and get the water on.  Christopher found the right size screw to fix the wood-splitter and so far as I know, there is nothing critical broken.  Hallelujah!

All our animals seem to be weathering the cold.   Starshine’s production has picked up to where she is producing a lot more than her calf can drink, so we will start adding it to the general mix and use surplus for the calf.  She is getting used to being milked.

Our pigeons either don’t mind the cold or aren’t smart enough to stay in their dovecote – but they seem to be OK.

We’ll be glad when it warms up a little, but things could be worse.


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