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Thursday, Jan. 24th, 2013

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Its been awhile since the last post, and I have been pretty much out of the farming business since the just after Christmas. As Dan relayed, I have been recovering from bypass surgery and all the farming here at Woodcrest has been done by Julia, Daren, Christopher, Noah, and, of course, Chris. We have been concentrating on the bare essentials: milking, gathering eggs, and starting our Spring planting in the greenhouse. The hoop house has moved a little closer to completion, but the cold snap has slowed things down.
Julia is away this weekend at a conference in Arkansas. A big ice/snow storm is forecast for tomorrow (Friday). We’ll be warm, at least.

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Monday, Dec. 31st – Friday, Jan. 4th

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Greetings from your guest blogger, Allan’s son Dan. My father underwent quadruple bypass surgery on New Year’s eve and is currently recovering in hospital. He seems to be doing as well as can be expected after such a procedure and we are hoping to bring him home soon.

My mother has been by Dad’s side all week and in the meantime the farm is running along with the capable help of Julia, Daren, Christopher, and Noah. Since I only arrived yesterday I can’t provide a complete list but I do know that so far this week Julia has installed the retractable curtains on the hoop house, with plans for everyone to pitch in, installing the doors and finishing the north and south ends tomorrow.

For the next three days my wife Liza and I will be staying at the farm doing what we can to help but so far that consists largely of doing whatever Julia and Daren suggest. By the time we were out of bed and down to the barn this morning they had completed most of the morning chores, I had just enough time to get my boots dirty before heading in for breakfast and scheduling the day’s activities. After the meal we moved the chicken tractors to greener parts of the garden before splitting off to our own jobs. I believe Daren worked on scraping out some of the wetter sections behind the barn while Julia spent time in the greenhouse. Christopher and I broke out the chainsaw and splitter and I can proudly report that a winter supply of wood is cut, split, stacked, and ready for the stove. (I can also report that I will be very sore tomorrow.)

My father wishes to thank everyone for the many expressions of concern for his well being he has received, we are all hoping (and planning) for his complete recovery but of course that will take some time.

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