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Tuesday, Jan. 5, 2010

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I didn’t do much farming this morning – as a good friend put it, “I had a date with a garden hose”. Crude, but descriptive, and that’s all I’m going to say about that. The remainder of the day, I worked on admin work some more, primarily formalizing our planting plans and getting the greenhouse ready. We have made plans for both acreage at the Breeze farm, as well as our own. For posterity, I am including links to both plot plans.
Woodcrest Garden Plot Plan
Breeze Farm Plan

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Monday Jan. 4, 2010

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Most of today was spent in necessary administration, not a bad choice since it is still unseasonably cold. I am reasonably close to closing out the books for 2009 and it wasn’t a bad year. Not profitable, but we showed real growth.
Jason showed up late morning and the two of us went out to the Breeze farm for a few hours to finalize the plans for the cooler and equipment shed extensions. Back at the ranch, I worked on revising drawings, did some forge work on Nii Lamote’s cross, and in the evening continued to work on plot plans for the garden. Chris has us planting beginning March 15th, which means that we have to have seeds started this week. The following sketch shows the proposed shed extension Jason and I would build.
Breeze Cooler Concept

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