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Friday -> Sunday July 24-26, 2009

July 26th, 2009 Comments off

Friday was a travel day for the Green family, returning from Ocean City, NJ back to the farm.  Saturday I was up early to get to Breeze and pick corn and try to rescue our tomatoes while Chris got the store opened and underway.  As soon as we arrived we picked 30 dozen or so ears of corn and Dewey was dispatched with it back to the ranch while Noah and I resurrected the tomatoes. They are back standing up, more or less, but marginal in some areas.  We need a better tomato staking approach.   Noah and I left around 1:00 pm thoroughly baked, and came home to  help with market, mow lawn, and rehydrate.

Nancy and Chris sold lots and lots of chicken, beef, corn, and tomatoes – big day at the store.  Everybody went to bed exhausted.
This morning (Sunday) we reserved for church and lawn management here at home.  Livestock seem ok.  KC’s paw was badly bitten in fight with Koda and he is limping.  May have to take him to the vet.  The store did well again.

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Saturday -> Thursday, July 18-23, 2009

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The Bell family, which by extension includes the Green family, has been vacationing at Ocean City, NJ this week, leaving the farm in the hands of Gretchen, Dewey, and Nancy on market days.  We were therefore blissfully unaware of the daily ups and downs of farm life until Tuesday when our Breeze irrigation stand-ins called to say that our tomato plants were on the ground because the stakes have broken.  This is discouraging since I bought a bunch of new, supposedly sturdy stakes this year, and also because the tomatoes won’t grow too well being on the ground.  Gretchen called last night to confirm this – problem may be worse than I thought.   I made some calls to steel suppliers and am going to try 5/8″ rebar stakes which hopefully Christopher will pick up later today and we will use Saturday.

Other than that, no particular good – or bad – news from home front.

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Friday – July 17, 2009

July 17th, 2009 Comments off

Due to the marathon yesterday today was not as daunting as it could have been.  The main projects were to get everything ready for us to leave tomorrow:  take the trash to the convenience center; get feed stocks for all the animals; fix the brakes on the van; keep the store open; pack.  The bottom line was that we got almost everything done.  The trickiest job was the van front brakes.  Between the internet, common sense, and Tim I managed to get the pads replaced and it appears they work.  Meantime Chris was gathering everything up for the trip.

While we are away Gretchen, Nancy, and the boys will be tending the farm.  We will pray continually for them.

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

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It was a long day today.  We started it in Asheville in the lap of luxury at the Sheratin hotel.  We couldn’t really sleep in because of needing to get an early start to get to Silva where Ben’s exhibit was on display at Western Carolina.  After a quick (but sumptuous) breakfast we picked him up and headed for Silva.

To see what we saw, check out Ben Green Designs.   Needless to say, we were impressed and amazed at his abilities with wood.  By noon we were back on the road for home, arriving around 4:00.  I immediately took the van down to the DMV to get the registration straightened out and buy Chris dill seed for the next round of canning.  Back home I took care of chores, then got a call from J.Ed Hall about the cattle delivery planned for tomorrow morning.   As we talked, I asked him if we might come this evening, and he said sure.  So, I gathered Dewey and Chris and we went out to the barn for a round-up and ear-tagging, etc.  Kat showed up fortuitously, and between us we had all the cattle in the trailer by about 8:00PM, and I set off for Berea.  What more needs to be said?  I got there around 9:30pm, unloaded them, helped J.Ed strengthen his pen a little, and left around 10:15, arriving back home at 11:30.  Ate leftovers and went to bed.  Long day.

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Wednesday July 15, 2009

July 15th, 2009 Comments off

Started the day with a lot to get done before heading to Asheville, but then Gretchen came in to tell me that two calves were through the fence by the pond, which makes sense because that part of the fence has been off since Christopher discovered a short.  All I could think of was that if we left with the fence compromised I would surely get a call from Animal Control telling me that my cows were on the road again.  So, I went out and worked away at finding and fixing any problems, of which there were three, the worst being a dead short that Christopher had inadvertently created.  Once fixed, the fence had 5K volts all around, which ought to keep cows in.

At noon I quit and we got ready to leave for Asheville to see Ben’s shows before they closed.  It was an uneventful trip except for getting pulled for having an expired tag. Damn.  We arrived around 4:00 and then went to the Grove Inn Gallery to see his music table.  It is a beautiful piece.  We had dinner at the Outback, got to bed early at the Sheratin, courtesy of Ben’s employment there.

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Tuesday July 14, 2009

July 14th, 2009 Comments off

Up early to get chores done and get out to Breeze for irrigating, harvesting, and weeding.  Worked hard until 2:00 pm, then back to town to pick up feed and drop in on Pat V.  Back home by 4:00 to open store.  While Chris manned the store and did some canning, I worked on mowing around the fence line to make sure the weeds didn’t compromise the fence.  Quit around 7:00 to close the store, feed hogs, and try to clean up.  Finally went to David’s at 9:00 for dog duty, picked up dinner at Hibachi Grill at 9:45, ate dinner with Chris at 10:00.   Long Day.

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Monday July 13, 2009

July 13th, 2009 Comments off

Don’t remember much about the day just 4 days later when I am trying to re-cap the week.  I think this was the day Frank Tozzalino came over for some welding help, but can’t be sure.   Shows the importance of journaling each day or important events can be lost in the shuffle.

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Sunday July 12, 2009

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I had a real scare this morning when I went out for morning chores – May was in the upper pasture and I could only see one baby lamb.  But when I went in to feed the chickens, there she was, hiding behind Mom.  After church we came home and opened the store.  I welded up all the broken sign-holders.  Store did OK.  Quit around 5:00 to get ready to go to Tim’s – managed to get there by 7:00PM.   Eli and Elayna are doing wonderfully.

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Saturday, July 11th 2009

July 11th, 2009 Comments off

Opened store at 9:00 when a customer drove in and got our market day started.  Kat milked this morning, which was a blessing because Gretchen is at her Grandfather’s memorial. Morning chores done, I went to town for feed, and then out to Breeze for corn – its perfect at t his point.  Spent most of the afternoon weeding our home corn patch – I had to weed-whack the inter-rows, rake them out, then cultivate.  Tiring, hot work.  Chris was working minding the store, harvesting the home garden, canning, and a few other things.  She made some dynamite hot-dog relish.

Boys are leaving for the ASP mission trip in the morning.  Hard to keep them on task today. Christopher finished painting the stock trailer – well, mostly.  Looks much better without rust showing and of course is good stewardship.

On a disappointing note, dishwasher is not fixed.

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Friday July 10th, 2009

July 11th, 2009 Comments off

Decided to open the store anyway today.  Chris is discouraged because the beans didn’t can well.  Trying again.  I cleaned up parking lot, greenhouse area, mowed, fixed various things.  Decided to finally engage barn water problem, bought a 30GPM UV purifier for the barn.  Will be 800.00 or so, but will be money well-spent, I hope.  We can’t continue to use kitchen, much less the dairy, without clean water.

Some time this morning we had two ewe-lambs born, way out of season.  Not sure why, but we’re glad they are healthy little ewes.

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