Busesa Hope Goat Project



The Hope Goat Project in Busesa, Uganda is an economic development effort undertaken by the members of Hope Christian Center to raise and milk dairy goats as a source of income through milk sales, family nutrition, and communty outreach within the village.

<= Uganda is located in East Africa, west of Kenya to the north of Lake Victoria. Called the Pearl of Africa, it is a country of rich beauty, tropical climate, and welcoming people. aaaa
Busesa is a small rural village in => Uganda's eastern region. About 10lk from Iganga and 50k from Jinja, unemployment is high and most families supplement their income growing produce and/or raising cattle and meat goats.
      The project originated with the vision of Pastor Mike Moses for an economic development activity for his church, Hope Christian Center, in Busesa. In August, 2015 Pastor Mike was offered the opportunity to host a Dairy Goat workshop sponsored by LEAMIS Inter-national, a US-based Christian mission organization that specializes in short-term mission trips throughout the world. After prayerful consideration the church decided to host the workshop and in September, welcomed North Carolina dairy farmers Christine and Allan Green, to lead the week-long training in dairy goat management. Pastor Mike Christine and Allan Green own and operate Woodcrest Farm in Hillsborough, NC. Their farm products include organically raised vegetables, naturally rasied beef, pork, poultry, and eggs, as well as both cow and goat milk. They are members of Cane Creek Baptist Church and committed to serving the Lord Jesus and their brothers and sisters in Christ wherever and whenever they can. Their mission trip to Busesa was one such opportunity, as well as their way of celebrating 50 years of marriage.      
<= The connection between LEAMIS, the Greens, and Pastor Mike was a Fred Munuku, a Kenyan Christian who has established homes and schools in Nairobi for the street children of Kwangware and other Nairobi slums. Workshop starts  
Pastor Mike, Allan, and Christine begin the workshop using a local Boer meat goat for demonstration purposes. The workshop was held in the church =>
  On Sunday, following a blessed worship service at the church, Pator Mike, Faith, Patrick, the Greens, and their driver were directed to a farm near Mbale to purchase an Alpine dairy goat. Upon arrival, the offered goat was a disappointment. Everyone was wondering what to do when the Lord directed Mama Christine to look at the owners herd of prize dairy animals, and one stood out. With only our knowledge that God wanted the best for His people, we dared to make an offer for the goat, and miraculously, a deal was worked out. We returned to Busesa barely beliving what God had done. Suubi The goat was introduced to the church the next morning, and promptly and unanimously named Suubi, or Hope, a particularly appropriate name for this miracle goat. The picture shows her with Robert and Pastor Mike, where she will live. She is a beautiful, young, and pregnant prize dairy goat, better than any we could have expected, and a portent of many prayers made and answered.